Stockton Industries and Businesses 

Stockton is a bustling city with an abundance of agricultural and industrial businesses. With more than 252,000 local jobs across multiple industries, Stockton is home to numerous companies. Historically agricultural, Stockton’s local economy has increased its diversity of businesses that call the region their home. With the addition of telecommunication companies and manufacturing, Stockton has grown its local economy to hold a more extensive array of different industries than seen in the past. In addition, the city is home to manufacturing companies like Crown and Bolt, Dopaco, Sortex, and Martin-Browner.

Stockton Industries and BusinessesStockton is also home to high technology companies like Applied Aerospace Company and Sigma Circuits. Besides those stated above, multiple companies have chosen Stockton for their regional operations, companies like Pac-west Telecommunications and Golden State Lumber Company.  

To add to the plethora of businesses present in Stockton, another central hub for workers in the region is the Port of Stockton. The Port of Stockton employs around 2,000 people that work both in and around the port. The port is an extremely valuable central hub for shipping and distributing agricultural goods to and from the fertile soils of the San Joaquin Valley and across the United States. The city of Stockton and its port have also continued working together to develop “green industries.” In addition to the port, Stockton has extended this goal to community colleges and universities to create and foster an educated workforce to implement a considerable emphasis on renewable energy industries.  

Some occupations that are more prevalent in Stockton than in other cities include sorters and graders for agricultural products; farmers/laborers at nurseries and greenhouses; stonemasons; supervisors and managers of farmland. Fishing/forestry employees, plaster/stucco masons, and interpreters/translators. 

The most prominent Sectors of employment in Stockton include healthcare, agriculture, construction, government, finance, insurance, and education.

Below, courtesy of Stockton’s city town information website, is an extensive list of significant employers found in the area.

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