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Semi-Truck and Caltrans Tractor Collision Along I-80 Near Vacaville Ends in Fiery Rescue

Good Samaritans jumped into action at around 9 a.m. near N. Meridian Road on Monday morning, helping rescue a trapped big rig driver after a fiery crash on I-80 westbound near Vacaville. California highway patrol reported that a big-rig-truck and a Caltrans tractor parked alongside the freeway were involved in a collision. The tractor caught fire due to the crash, becoming engulfed in flames moments later. As the flames ensued, motorists traveling on the highway began to pull over and exit their cars to help assist those involved in the crash. The good Samaritans using fire extinguishers were able to help both drivers involved get to safety. Vacaville fire department responded quickly to the scene and was then able to put out the flames. The crash was reported to be caused by another passenger vehicle that had cut off the big-rig driver, who then had to swerve out of the way when he struck the parked Caltrans tractor along the side of the highway. Luckily both drivers involved were safely extracted from their vehicles with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Roadside Fire Safety

Semi-Truck and Caltrans Tractor Collision Along I-80 Near Vacaville Ends in Fiery RescueVehicle fires are usually rare, but they can still happen for a variety of different reasons. It’s essential to be prepared while on the road for any scenario that could potentially arise. Below are some tips and advice for motorists to stay safe in a car fire scenario and tips to help prevent vehicle fires from starting. 

What To Do in the Event of a Car Fire

  • If you notice fire or smoke, pull over to the far-right side of the road in a 
  • quick but safe manner.
  • Turn off the engine of the vehicle.
  • Get everyone out of the vehicle. 
  • Do not attempt to open the hood. 
  • Stay back at a safe distance away from the car and flames.
  • Call 911 and report your emergency.

Tips to Help Prevent Car Fires and Injury

  • Keep up with scheduled maintenance.
  • Check that fluids levels before driving.
  • Inspect your vehicle regularly and before distance drives.
  • Monitor your vehicle’s temperature gauge while driving.
  • If you see your temp gauge getting too hot, pull over and call roadside assistance or a tow truck.  
  • Avoid parking in grasses that are tall enough to reach under your vehicle and could potentially touch hot parts and cause a fire.
  • Invest in a car-sized fire extinguisher. 

The incident earlier this week involving the collision between a semi-truck and a Caltrans tractor was a terrifying situation. Thanks to the actions of those good Samaritans, the two drivers involved were saved from the flames without severe injury. However, most individuals are not so lucky. If you have been involved in a trucking accident while working and, as a result, suffered a severe personal injury, you may be entitled to legal compensation for your injuries.

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