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Hablamos Espanol • Мы говорим по-русски

Can I Get a New Job and Still Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

It’s not unheard of when an individual that has suffered an injury at work begins to look for employment elsewhere. In most cases, injured employees are looking for a safer work environment in a low-risk industry after sustaining a severe personal injury while on the job. In other cases, individuals may consider an industry change due to the impact of that injury on their mobility. 

For most of those facing this difficult situation, many may ask themselves or others. What happens to my workers’ compensation benefits if I change jobs? Legally speaking, you have every right to change your place of employment while receiving workers’ compensation benefits. However, some laws and implications apply when taking a new job or even a second job that can affect your weekly workers’ compensation benefits.

Can I Get a New Job and Still Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits?It is necessary to understand that if you are considering taking another job or even a second job that: 

  • Your workers’ compensation benefits cannot be canceled because of a change in occupation
  • Your benefits cannot be eliminated due to accepting light-duty-work which pays a reduced salary 
  • Your benefits cannot be revoked because you take another lesser paying job 

Suppose you decide to take another job while receiving workers’ compensation. In that case, it’s essential to understand the impact that this decision may have on the benefit amount that you will continue to receive. Even while you receive partial weekly benefits, your weekly rate may not stay the same as when you first started receiving compensation. Additionally, if your new job pays the same as your last position, your benefits may discontinue. 

What if I Take a Part-Time Position While Receiving Workers’ Compensation?

Injured workers may often consider taking on a second job to help bridge the financial gap that is left off where workers’ compensation benefit rates may end. However, any amount of income received will reduce the amount of your current weekly benefit rate. If you get paid and fail to report your income status while still receiving benefits, it is considered insurance fraud.

Circumstances to Acknowledge Before Taking a New Job.

Many individuals may consider taking a new job for personal or financial reasons. It’s essential to understand the downsides and risks of taking on a new job. 

  • Returning to work before you’ve fully recovered could potentially increase your risk of reinjury. 
  • Returning to work too soon after suffering an injury could affect your recovery process or prevent you from making a full recovery.

Light-Duty work? 

If your doctor clears yourself for light-duty work, this may be your best financial option. Receiving a partial wage for too long could put any individual at risk for financial trouble. 

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