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Call for a FREE Consultation: (209) 323-5126 Hablamos Espanol • Мы говорим по-русски

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Hablamos Espanol • Мы говорим по-русски

Delta Variant on the Rise in San Joaquin County

Scientists in India first identified the new strain of Covid-19 called the Delta variant. Scientists found it differed from the original strain of Covid-19 due to its highly transmissible nature. Once this Delta variant made landfall in the United States, the fear from citizens and public officials have once again reached an all-time high.

Covid Cases in the County 

Delta Variant on the Rise in San Joaquin County In San Joaquin County, areas like Stockton, Lodi, and Manteca have seen a sizable spike in Covid hospitalizations and deaths. According to Google’s covid map updates, San Joaquin County has seen a total to date of around 83,000 cases, 1,500 deaths, and about 109 new Covid cases per day. 


Since the pandemic’s beginning, scientists and medical professionals have developed vaccinations that help defend those vaccinated from severe symptoms requiring hospitalization. On July 29th, President Joe Biden gave a speech to the nation on the effectiveness of these vaccines stating, “vaccines save lives.” However, the CDC has recently discovered that fully vaccinated individuals can still get infected with the virus. Click here to find out more from the CDC on breakthrough cases.

California Legislation for Workers’ Compensation 

In California, legislators have passed workers’ compensation laws to help protect people who contracted Covid-19 while on the job. However, now these protections only apply to high-risk workers, determined to be workers with a high risk of contracting Covid while on the job and in workplaces with a recorded outbreak of Covid-19.

Legislators and employers are doing everything in their power to protect people from the surging Covid-19 Delta variant. These preventive workers’ compensation laws protect high-risk workers and those with a recorded outbreak at work. However, the process for filing a claim in any other circumstance is still a difficult task. If you’ve contracted Covid-19 while on the job or if you suffered an injury at work and your employer’s insurance company is denying your claim. You should seek our expert workers’ compensation attorneys at Stockton Workers’ Compensation Attorneys P.C. to schedule your free consultation.